Taking Electron for a spin

Publish date: 23 Aug 2016
Tags: javascript

I’ve been listening to podcasts about electron apps at DotNetRocks (episode 1336 )


as well as Scott Hanselmans podcast Creating cross-platform Electron apps with Jessica Lord.Both are very informative. Jessica also has an interesting blog post at essential electron. So I picked up a course on Pluralsight by Rob Connery.

First impressions : using node server to create a desktop application was quite new to me and I had to get my head around having a node server running locally to serve up content in a chromium browser. All local.

We can create apps for Windows, Mac and Linux. Although I used CSS , Jquery and quite a bit of JavaScript for the node server libraries, I had to stop myself thinking in the web paradigm. This is a desktop app after all and you can use Ctrl+D to debug your JavaScript. You can use file dialog ! Fascinating. I enjoyed using my web development experience to create a windows app.