Publish date: 17 Jan 2020
Tags: life

[Updated 14 Feb 2020] In addition to weight loss and mental clarity, some people have reported being able to reverse type 2 diabetes with a keto lifestyle. My personal benefits have been:

I have been on this journey since Aug 2016 and have benefitted from non-scale victories.

To get started with keto [a low carbohydrate high fat diet], begin by listening to this podcast Getting started. There are over a hundred episodes in this podcast, so take your time and at a minimum, listen to the first 13.

There is also plenty of reading to do. Each episodes contains show notes where you can delve deeper into the science.

What do I eat ? I hear you ask.

In my view to embrace keto you have to learn to cook for yourself. Here are a few recipes. Scroll down to the bottom for the easier ones, my go-to being the Fathead pizza.

Got some questions? have a look here or ask me about my experiences. Please consult your doctor as well.

Welcome to the ketogenic lifestyle.