Increasing Productivity

Publish date: 30 May 2021
Tags: life

Since early this year I been reading up on, continuing to improve on how I stay motivated and increase my productivity. This is what is working for me:

  1. The book Getting Results the Agile Way. Reading this book and following the J.D.Meier’s advice has been a big plus on how I get things done on a daily, weekly and more, basis. In addition to setting a goal for 3 things for the day, 3 things for the week and so on, I have been keeping a focus on these ‘hot’ areas:

    • Mind
    • Body
    • Emotions
    • Career
    • Financial
    • Relationships
    • Fun

    I would recommend you purchase the book and read it cover to cover, then leave it handy to pick up and read ad-hoc.

  2. You the go-getter type? Like to keep climbing up the career ladder? Have a read of this Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think. It makes for sobering reading and helps you prepare for the next stage of your life. This line hits home “The biggest mistake professionally successful people make is attempting to sustain peak accomplishment indefinitely.” Read the complete article to see what you could do to improve your odds of being valued and add value in the later years of your life.

    Focus ‘hot’ areas (read the article to find out more):

    • Jump
    • Serve
    • Worship
    • Connect

    Of course some of these are easy to implement, but others require careful consideration and deliberate action. Its a journey I am on.

  3. This is something new. I’ve started writing in the mornings. Before I login to work. With a cup of tea. Why ? These 3 Pages Might be Your Key to a Clearer Mind, Better Ideas and Less Anxiety. Its still early days. Lets see how long I can keep churning them out. (Oh, these are for personal use only).

I still follow the regular physical exercise mantra, use the Pomodoro technique and strive for a ‘Deep Work’ span of at least 4 hours per work day.